Monday, February 4, 2008


Thank you Gary for inviting me to contribute to your blog. I have found it quite interesting to read the contributions of other Cedar Valians. What a difference 50 years makes.

My husband, Floyd, and I moved back to Cedar Vale in 2003. (I'm not sure why.) My husband wanted to get away from the city life and find some peace and quiet. My brother, Dan, married and his wife owned the home on West County Line Road that formerly had been the 3-C Dairy. It appealed to him and I agreed to move back. The peace and quiet and the sunrises and sunsets are everything we both wanted. It has been a totally different way of life but we were ready for a change.

When I say "city life", we came from Newton, KS where we had lived for 24 years. After growing up in Cedar Vale it seemed like a "city". It has been rather difficult not being able to run down four blocks to the grocery store when you need a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread but we are learning to plan our trips to Sedan, Ark City or Winfield and "stock up" on what we need.

We began spending the winters in McAllen, Texas, in 2003. We have a permanent place in an RV park there and really enjoy the change of atmosphere and TEMPERATURE. This is the first winter we have spent in Cedar Vale and have found it COLD. Due to family and health issues we did not get to go down this year but are planning on leaving the day after Thanksgiving in November to go back.

I've spent enough time on here for the first time so will log off and say have a great day!.


Gary White said...

Welcome aboard, Naomi! Let's hear more from you. Memories, tales of your life, whatever. You have an appreciative audience here.

wayne woodruff said...

It is interesting to hear why and how "old timers" decide to move back and settle in the old stomping grounds. I would like to hear more from Naomi concerning the other difficulties they have had in accomodating to the small but not dead, town again.

Phil Foust said...

Hey, New Kid ... welcome and continue to share with us. This was a great start!

Diane Archer Bradbury said...

I'm so glad you have joined this motley crew. I remember some of the things you did in high school.
One was your performance at music contest singing a beautiful alto remdition of "Bendemere's Stream."
Could you write about how you changed your hair style? You had lots of "moxie." My guess is, you still do. Welcome!