Thursday, June 7, 2012

Comments on OLD Posts

You may have just found CV Memories or you may be looking at old posts on this blog.  However, posting comments to old articles almost insures that no one will see them.  Most of us do not go back very far when reading the blog!

So, if you have something new to say about an old article (more than 2 months old), the best way is to post a new article and refer to the old one by name and date. 

This just came in as a comment to the "More about Hooser" post from May 11, 2011.  
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More about Hooser":  ** Contact information should have been included if this person really wanted to sell the item!..Jay.
"I have a mirror that I picked up in Wichita this week that has C W Meldrum Cedar Vale, KS on the back of it. Not sure if someone is interested in purchasing it before I post it on Craigslist - not trying to use this as a way to sell my junk but thought it was kinda cool when I picked it up (we live in Sedan). Searched online and found this blog. Would be cool for it to go back where it came from... "

Friday, June 1, 2012

25 Bashfull People & 1 Short Story

Hi there.  Are you one of the 25 bashful people listed as "Contributors" (aka Authors) on this blog?  Please quit "hiding your light under a bushel" and remind us about the good times in Cedar Vale in times past (or present).

If you cannot figure out how to click on "New Post" and type in a new article, then you can e-mail it to me....jayinpanama [at] gmail [dot] com. I will be glad to post it for you.  If you need help and are getting 'stuck' at some point, then please describe the problem in an e-mail and I will try to help.

In the past I have written several articles about my years in Cedar Vale, my parents and relatives, and what I remember after all of these years.  Am I the only one interested in your stories??  I don't think so....
Another short blurb ---  
When I was a teenager and had nothing else to do, a couple of us used to stop by the City Hall in the evening and visit with the Town Marshall (as he generally had nothing at all to do).  At that time, we could pull out old books of city records and look at pictures and records that were 50 or 75 years old.  I was somewhat surprised to learn that the streets actually had names!

Also, that was the only way that I discovered that my great-grandfather had once been the Mayor of Cedar Vale.  I then discovered that he had lived 2 or 3 houses to the northwest of where my family was living.  We had bought my grandparents' old house. 

As you can tell, family history was never a big topic within my family!  I only discovered that the Mills Ranch on Otter Creek was homesteaded in 1871 when I took a picture of my brother Carl on his horse under an arch that he had erected to commemorate the date. More later ... unless you care to post something really interesting.