Friday, June 20, 2014

Dime (King Size) Cokes at the "Dime Store"

Sandwich Menu
from Woolworths....

If anyone doubts what we paid for a coke and a sandwich at Woolworths in the 1950s,
here's proof of the era we lived in.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memory Lane

I'll begin with some of the things that I remember, and you can add to the list: (Because of spam, your comments go to a moderator who approves and posts them later.)  There is no need to send them twice.
  • Outhouses
  • 2-holer
  • Mule teams
  • Cream separators
  • Butter churns
  • Flat irons; heated on wood stove
  • Wood cook stove
  • Clothes line
  • 1-room school
  • Sleeping on the hay rack (hay wagon) because it was too hot inside the house
  • Chicken house
  • Nation-wide broadcast at 8 PM on Sunday evenings (do you know who?)
  • Lone Ranger on TV
  • Horse-drawn plow
  • Party-line crank phones & the operator
  • Rationing (of almost everything) - ration stamp books
  • Manure spreaders
  • "Cake" - for feeding cows in winter
  • Sewing bee
  • Large holiday dinners with the whole family
  • Shipping cattle by train
  • A nice little town with 3 filling stations, 2 new car dealers, 3 implement dealers, 2 drug stores, 5 grocery stores,  a grade school, a high school, a hospital, 2 hardware stores, a dry-goods store, a weekly newspaper, a weekly livestock auction, a blacksmith shop, a 'sleepy' city marshal, a one-room jail, a volunteer fire department with a truck, and  numerous other businesses
  • Saturday night dances
  • High school plays
  • Rodeos
  • Local baseball
  • Swimming in the river
  • Hunting in the woods
  • Fishing in the river
  • Exploring on Lookout Mountain and many other places
  • Turkey shoots (without the turkey!)
  • Labor Day parades
  • Alumni Banquet
  • Sidewalk roller skating (and in the Hewins Park Pavilion)
  • 5 cent Cokes, in glass bottles
  • Penny candy
  • 20 cent hamburgers and 15 cent hot dogs
  • 19 cent per gallon gas
  •  Saddle horses and real cowboys
  • Farm "hands" -- workers who were very patient with curious little boys
  • Dads who could make or fix anything -- because they had to
  • Milking the cow(s) by hand
  • Being happy to see deep snow
  • Waiting for the rural mail carrier to bring the mail
  • Picking walnuts and pecans off of the ground in the woods
  • Getting news of relatives who were away at war