Friday, December 23, 2011

Uncle Dana McGill

My uncle Dana McGill was an older brother of my mother, Nellie McGill Mills. When I was 7 years old we moved into Cedar Vale from the farm on Otter Creek north and west of town. Uncle Dana and my grandmother Julia lived two houses up from the Methodist church. My grandmother Mills lived between the McGills and the church.

I remember when Uncle Dana got one of the first televisions that I had ever seen. It was small and had a round tube, even though the picture was rectangular (I think). The picture would sometimes go out of adjustment and he would ask me to come down and play with the controls on the back until it straightened out again. This sometimes took a half-hour or more.

Uncle Dana also had an old Model A Ford roadster. Sometimes he would take me for a ride in his car and that was always a treat for me. I remember at least one trip to Hoosier to look around the site of the old train depot and other places that he remembered. As others have mentioned, he had a fantastic memory and recalled many things that were interesting to a young lad.

I really appreciate the articles and tid-bits that many of you have contributed about Dana. He was certainly an interesting man...and my uncle.

Happy Holidays from Panama. I'll hang some lights on a banana tree, or a palm tree to celebrate.
Jay (J.D.) Mills