Monday, April 30, 2012

If It's Interesting to You, It May Very Well be Interesting to Us!

The easiest way to post an article (not a comment) directly and immediately is to follow these simple steps. (No moderator required.)
  • Log-in to the CV Memories blog
  • Once logged in to the blog you should see a menu across the top (black text on a blue background)
  • Click on "New Post"
  • (This is where it gets more difficult.) You are given a new editing screen, but NO directions
  • 1st, click where it says "Post title" and simply type a name for your article
  • 2nd, click in the big box below the editing menu line & you should see a blinking line (cursor)
  • 3rd, if you want to directly include a picture, click on the 'picture' icon following the "Link" button and follow the instructions
  • 4th, type your story into the big box.  The edit controls work just like most word processing programs *Note: You can copy and paste from simple text programs -- Not MS Word, etc.
  • Then 'Preview' and 'Post' your article.  You can skip Preview if you like.
I will be happy to post articles for those who have difficulty.  Just send me your article and pictures.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is My New Dog More Interesting than You?

OK, so here is were we stand (lie?) with this blog (dog?).  Only 4 people have posted anything in the past several months.  There have been few, if any, comments on the posts so there is no evidence that we have readers.

I can only conclude that we have hit the downward spiral that comes from having no one post things of compelling interest to other readers.  So apparently very few people are coming here to check out the blog as there is very little to read.  And new articles are few and far between.

That brings me to two important questions.  1. Is there still enough interest to keep this site going? If so, please let me know with your comment, however brief.   2. Are you interested enough to sit down and write a little (or a lot) about your experiences growing up in Cedar Vale and/or your life since?  

* Hint: You can always send your article to me via e-mail and even attach a picture or two.  I will be glad to post the article(s) for you.

Jay (J.D.) Mills    
panama [at] jaymills [dot] org