Friday, October 25, 2013

Second Post This Year!

I receiver the following from Morris Jones.  I found my parents' names on the list, maybe you will also.

We recently moved from our two story house to a one story to please our knees. In the process of moving, I came across my baby book. I was born in 1931. My folks, Coburn & Grace Jones, lived in Cedar Vale but as there was no hospital in CV at the time my birth occured at the hospital in Winfield. People who visited my mother and me in the hospital signed my baby book. I doubt if it was a real easy trip between Cedar Vale and Winfield when you think of 1920's era roads and cars. So, I'm impressed by the number of people who did make the trip. The list may include some of your relatives so thought you might like to see this cross-section of Cedar Vale citizens. I'm sorry to say that I can't make out some of the signatures so where I've misspelled a name I seek forgiveness.

Mr/Mrs R.H. Rhoads
Jessie & Clarence Marsh
Mr/Mrs A.J. Early
Pluma P. Smith
Mabel Weinrich
Mrs. Fred Study
Mrs. P.A. Martin
Mrs. Gannan & Anna
Mary Hess
A.U. Burdette
Mr/Mrs O. Mills
Mr/Mrs C.S. Recter
Georgia Chapman
Mr/Mrs W. Hurst
Mr/Mrs B. Kirkpatrick
Aunt Francie Mills
Mr/Mrs A.A. Hopper
Mrs Jean Logsdan 
from:  Morris Coburn Jones
   Walla Walla WA

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cedar Vale Heroes

by Don Schaffer via e-mail.

After reading and seeing the pictures about the World War II Memorial last December, I remembered the name of Ivan Bolton and that reminded me of another time, when I sat in the barbers' chair at Jimpy and Twid's barber shop!  While my hair was being cut, I looked straight ahead at the pictures of the men who were serving or had served, in the war.  The pictures were black and white, some fading into a kind of sepia.  The names of the "heroes" were on each picture.  Some had died in action.  If memory serves me correctly,  Faye Steward and Carl Sheldon were among those who had fallen in action.  Both served in a tank battalion, I believe.  It was difficult to imagine how they must have died.   
I sat there trying to visualize the experiences of all those "heroes on the wall."  I could see them sitting in the same chair I was sitting in, when there was peace throughout the land.  Yet, when that peace was challenged, these men gave up their "peace" so that we might have ours.  As a youth, too young to fully understand, I felt a companionship to those in the pictures.  Some came home.  They didn't talk much of the war.  Went about their business of being part of a peaceful community.  I considered myself protected by these brave men.
Finally, I remember the families, whose sons were serving in the war, hanging flags in their windows.  I seem to remember that the blue star was for those still serving.  The gold star was for those who had sacrificed their lives for us.  Such an impact!  "Lest we forget," may we remember all of those who remained standing, and those who fell, giving their that we could have "all" we have. 
God Bless America, God Bless Cedar Vale and God Bless All of You!
Don Shaffer