Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I'm Growing Bananas -- Again!

On May 8 last year I wrote asking for help with my first large bunch of bananas.  Now I have a bigger problem.  Four of my banana trees have large bunches that will be ready to eat in the next few months.  I have a spare bed and three active dogs for company if you would like to visit and help out with eating the bananas.  Please!

If you look closely you will see 2 of the 4 bunches, the one in front is newer and less mature.

Behind the banana trees is the jungle, along the deep river gorge behind my house.  We have to keep cutting it back or it would overtake the property.

Searching Our Blog

Today I was reminded what a wonderful resource we all have in the "Search" feature on this blog.  I was trying to remember if I had mentioned anywhere in my ramblings how awkward and shy I was with girls clear up into my college days. (Yes I had.)

I put my own name into the search blank and it brought up several pages of articles that I had written or been mentioned in.  In my article from Nov. 14, 2007, "Why I Couldn't Wait to Leave Cedar Vale", I talked about it. 

While I was researching my previous articles I re-read some comments that were made by some of our participants who, sadly, are no longer with us.  They made me smile ... again!

This has been a great forum for me.  And it is much cheaper than a therapist!  I still hope that a few more of you will sit down and share a few lines about growing up in Cedar Vale and / or what you have done since.  If you don't know how, just put "25 Bashfull People & 1 Short Story" or "25 Bashfull" onto the search line and hit enter.
- - - - - - - - - - -
Disclaimer:  I am not nearly as bashful nor shy as I was in my earlier, more serious years. I mostly now just care about my own opinion of myself, and being gently honest with others.

A personal digression:

A few months ago I received a surprise e-mail from my first wife who now lives in California. I had not heard from her in 50 years.  She wrote to tell me that she had finally tracked me down though this very blog.  She also said that about 5 years ago she suddenly realized that I had been having an affair while we were married.  (I did not!)  She also mentioned that she had been talking to me almost every day since, in her mind.

I am not sure what triggered this idea but a good candidate would be "suppressed guilt", as she was the one who had an "affair" while we were still married.  But I, and no one else cares after all of this time.

However the larger and I hope happier point is that, in this day of the Internet and social media, almost anyone with the time and willpower can locate anyone else.  And some of us actually enjoy being "found". 


Friday, June 20, 2014

Dime (King Size) Cokes at the "Dime Store"

Sandwich Menu
from Woolworths....

If anyone doubts what we paid for a coke and a sandwich at Woolworths in the 1950s,
here's proof of the era we lived in.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memory Lane

I'll begin with some of the things that I remember, and you can add to the list: (Because of spam, your comments go to a moderator who approves and posts them later.)  There is no need to send them twice.
  • Outhouses
  • 2-holer
  • Mule teams
  • Cream separators
  • Butter churns
  • Flat irons; heated on wood stove
  • Wood cook stove
  • Clothes line
  • 1-room school
  • Sleeping on the hay rack (hay wagon) because it was too hot inside the house
  • Chicken house
  • Nation-wide broadcast at 8 PM on Sunday evenings (do you know who?)
  • Lone Ranger on TV
  • Horse-drawn plow
  • Party-line crank phones & the operator
  • Rationing (of almost everything) - ration stamp books
  • Manure spreaders
  • "Cake" - for feeding cows in winter
  • Sewing bee
  • Large holiday dinners with the whole family
  • Shipping cattle by train
  • A nice little town with 3 filling stations, 2 new car dealers, 3 implement dealers, 2 drug stores, 5 grocery stores,  a grade school, a high school, a hospital, 2 hardware stores, a dry-goods store, a weekly newspaper, a weekly livestock auction, a blacksmith shop, a 'sleepy' city marshal, a one-room jail, a volunteer fire department with a truck, and  numerous other businesses
  • Saturday night dances
  • High school plays
  • Rodeos
  • Local baseball
  • Swimming in the river
  • Hunting in the woods
  • Fishing in the river
  • Exploring on Lookout Mountain and many other places
  • Turkey shoots (without the turkey!)
  • Labor Day parades
  • Alumni Banquet
  • Sidewalk roller skating (and in the Hewins Park Pavilion)
  • 5 cent Cokes, in glass bottles
  • Penny candy
  • 20 cent hamburgers and 15 cent hot dogs
  • 19 cent per gallon gas
  •  Saddle horses and real cowboys
  • Farm "hands" -- workers who were very patient with curious little boys
  • Dads who could make or fix anything -- because they had to
  • Milking the cow(s) by hand
  • Being happy to see deep snow
  • Waiting for the rural mail carrier to bring the mail
  • Picking walnuts and pecans off of the ground in the woods
  • Getting news of relatives who were away at war