Friday, December 21, 2012

Wreaths Across America -- Vereran's Memorial Park Ceremonies

  A huge thank you is due to the Cedar Vale Go Getters 4-H Club and to their Sponsors/ parents for the program they presented to the community at the Vereran's Memorial Park this last Saturday AM.  For starters they cleaned, groomed and decorated the grounds.  The decor is still in place in case some of you missed it..    (Click on pictures for larger view.)

    A national wreath Co. donated wreaths to adorn and honor members of the armed services-living and dead- who have served their country.  The wreaths were delivered by firetruck and accompanied by local law officers.  Barry Speers and Dwayne Rogers in dress blues were the color bearers and did a precision march to the plaza with the flags.  4-H members then retrieved the wreaths from the firetruck and took them to the Veteran to whom they had been assigned.  Veterans were; Army--Bill Campbell, Navy--Ed White (in full uniform), Air Force--Don Cox, Marines--Leon Melton, Coast Guard--Gerald Luis, Merchant Marine--Cecil Shore, and POW--Bill Vaughan.
    Mark Davis offered prayer, and the National Anthem was sung by Macy Warburton.    Aaron Magnus acted as Master of Ceremonies offered words of respect for the Vets and announced each Veteran present by name    Several 4-H members gave readings or poems about service to country. 
    Next was the laying of the wreaths.  The Veteran representing each branch of the service (see above) and the 4-H er assigned to him then carried the wreaths to the rotunda, placed the wreath, stepped back and saluted.  Appropriate music was played for each branch of service.  Bill Vaughan who was a prisoner of war in WWII laid the final wreath.  All five of the Vaughan siblings did service in WWII or The Korean conflict.  It was a poignant moment to see him at the age of 87 make the walk on the arm of Jenny Kelly to lay the wreath.  Bill almost died in captivity of exposure and pneumonia.  He was captured by the Germans during Battle of the Bulge and transported in a weakened state to a German stalag.  He survived probably because an Australian Doctor moved him to better quarters and found some drugs to help him.  (Well that's another story)
    Many, many thanks to the Go Getters and especially to Alfreda Speer who orchestrated this program which delighted and awed the good crowd that gathered on a breezy cool day.  The program ended with Taps played over the PA system.  (from Don Cox via e-mail.)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

E-mail from Bonnie Garrett

Hi, I came across this blog while trying to find information about an old picture of my grandma's. She was born in 1905 in Indian Territory in Oklahoma. I have a picture of her class around 1915 (I'm guessing). She labeled most of the names of students on the back. I would like to be able to date the photo and maybe share it with descendants of people in the photo. If they are as addicted to genealogy as I they would be thrilled. I have ancestors from the Crescent and Guthrie area of Oklahoma and from Kansas. 

In the picture my grandma is holding a slate that has Cedar Vale No. 34 written on it. Do you know where I could find info about this school? Thanks! Bonnie Garrett