Saturday, February 16, 2008

Demise of the Broncos

Susan Shaff just emailed me that the sports programs of Cedar Vale and Dexter have been combined, which means the end of the Purple and Gold and the Broncos. I've invited Susan to join us on the blog, which I hope she will do. As the editor of the Outlook, she might be willing to keep some of us long-distance ex-Broncos informed about some of the events in good ole' CV. How about it Susan?


DFCox said...

Yes it has been the topic at a few meetings, and it does need to be done as Cedar Vale and Dexter both have problems fielding teams with adequate reserves. It might mean fewer coaches and activity busses etc. The details still to be worked out.

Phil Foust said...

Seems to be a fairly common practice as schools throughout rural Kansas continue to have fewer pupils. Locally, Peabody and Marion (which includes Florence) combine for baseball and softball. Abilene also combines with a local smaller school in some sports.

wayne woodruff said...

That is a terrible milestone for all of us ex-CV ball players to hear about.