Tuesday, March 25, 2008

From Bea Howell (Naomi Grunden)

My Mother, bless her heart, had to work so hard when she was growing up. She had to do chores and milk cows every morning before going to school and then again in the evening. Because of this she really spoiled my sister and me and did not make us do near enough around the farm. She wanted us to have it better than she did when she was growing up. My sister and I cringe now when we think how little we really did around the farm to help Mom.
We did do things like help harvest potatoes each year. How I hated that job! It was always hot with a lot of humidity and mosquites. The buckets of potatoes were heavy and a person would be covered with dirt. We pumped water for the livestock, carried in wood each night in the winter, helped with the dishes and stuff like that. A couple of times Dad told us he would give us so much a row of corn to cut all the weeds out. We would last only about three hours and give up. The weeds would be as tall as we were and we would get all itchy and sweaty. I think you are right when you said boys were expected to do more of the farm work. My poor Dad didn't have any boys to help him.
Bea Howell

Wayne Woodruff


Phil Foust said...

Bea, though you may feel you were of little help to your dad ... most likely he would have disagreed. Your mother not only was a stabilizing force for your farm unit but indeed she was a loving parent.

Nancy Goode Schmid said...

Hi, Naomi, sorry I dont think of you as Bea. I think all of you 'farm kids' worked hard!!! The only time I was exposed to this was when we would go to Grandpas and 'help'. Usually many of my cousins were there and we would make a game of the chore. We also knew we were going home so if the job was not finished we would not have to do it.

Anonymous said...


I have enjoyed reading your articles. I admire the parenting skills of you and Walt while rearing your children. Too many people these days are so busy and wrapped up in their own lives that they have no time or interest to invest in their children.
Naomi Beatrice (Bea) Howell

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Anonymous said...

Well, your dad did have a beautiful daughter, and I am sure he was perfectly happy with her. After all, sons just get into trouble.

Anonymous said...

Bea, I was just looking at the pictures of your class as it went throught the years. You got better looking with age, lucky girl.

Gary White said...

All these mysterious anonymous persons talking to each other!