Thursday, March 13, 2008

CV medical

Margaret and I will get together a blogography of Lincoln Robinson. But meanwhile I wanted to post a comment about his final years.
Lincoln had a big stroke in 1999. Dr. McDermott saved his life that time, as he had at least a couple of times before. McDermott managed this not only from good diagnosis, but also because Lincoln believed that he had good judgment, and acted accordingly. It seems to me that doctors do not often enough judge themselves on how their patients wind up behaving, and too often disassociate themselves from the good (and bad) results that they have actually achieved. By this standard, I think Cedar Vale has been pretty lucky in recent years.
Lincoln wound up toddling around town on his walker for another year, and had a pretty good time during that year.


DFCox said...

Yes Jim, as you know, I agree 100% with your read on the level of care available here. I feel so fortunate to have a good gerenologist right here that I can see when there is need. Thsnks for the comment.

Gary White said...

Thanks for this prelude (postlude?) to the upcoming biography of Lincoln. We will look forward with anticipation to what you have to say.

Phil Foust said...

Welcome, Jim ... and thanks for the reclude to Lincoln's biography.