Friday, April 15, 2011

Info from Morris Jones

Hi all. I received the following information from Morris Jones who is retired in WA state. I have invited him to share some memories with us. --- Jay

It would have been nice to be a CVHS grad, but during WW2 my folks moved to Garden City where I graduated in 1949.

I went to K-State, got an architecture degree and a USAF commission and then completed pilot training. I had some interesting assignments including 13 months flying out of England in support of bases in Europe and North Africa. I landed at Don Cox’s base in France once and called him. We couldn’t get together for dinner but it was a treat to talk to a Cedar Vale friend, especially while in a foreign country.

I returned to Garden City after my AF years, and later lived in Laramie, Wyoming. I retired to Walla Walla, Washington, where I golf three days a week. It is a pretty soft life, -- but I can handle it!


DFCox said...

It's good to hear from Morris. We Were playmates since childhood. Some of you may remember Wayne Woodruff's tales about growing up in the nieghborhood with Morris and I. I remember Morris' mother Grace. She was so pretty--I thot maybe the prettiest lady in CV. Give us some more Morris !!

Morris Jones said...

Don, it's good to be in touch again as it's been a long time. It was very nice what you said about my mother. Thanks. I was hoping you would say I look like her -- but, alas, I look more like my dad. Oh well, can't win 'em all.