Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Lemert Sleigh Ride

Once upon a time, my good friend, Bernard Lemert, invited me out to his house for an overnight. I had never been in the country much. But, Bernard was one of my best friends, so I thought it was a good idea to see what the country was about! Well, it started with a breakfast, the likes I had never seen! We had steak! Biscuits! Gravy! Sweet milk! And, the preserves that were available to put on those biscuits was nothing short of "sweetness from heaven!" After breakfast, Bernard asked me if I would like to take a sled ride. "Sure, I said!" We went outside where Bernard's brother, Lee, was sitting on a horse, with a sled tied behind! "Get on," Lee said! So, we did! I want to tell you that I have never been on a ride such as this! Down through the country we flew, snow flying in every direction, and the sled following those same directions! I remember trees flying by, accompanied by clods of dirt kicked up by the awesome mount upon which Lee was pearched, and hoping that this ride would never end! Well, regrettably, it did! Bernard and I got off the sled, bespectacled by dirt, snow and a wonderment that will last forever! I have heard of the Nantucket (sp?) Sleigh Rides, but let me tell you, none could have equalled that wonderful ride through the Lemert Woods!

Anxious to hear about your "once upon a times!"


Phil Foust said...

Excellent, Don! (Most likely you did very much enjoy the Lemert's "sweet milk" ... as I remember you gulping down volumes of milk from your mother's fridge.)

Gary White said...

Great memory, Don. Keep them coming! Maybe you will inspire others to join in with theirs. CV Bloggers, what are your fondest memories of growing up in CV??

Anonymous said...

Don, Do the where-abouts and conditions of all the players on your great basketball teams of the early '50s??

Diane Archer Bradbury said...