Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here we are, at Christmas Time!

Yes, here we are! Isn't it great to be here! To say, "we are!" Isn't it great to be able to remember the Christmas Programs at the Methodist Church?

Remember when a team of men went to Lookout Mountain, cut down a cedar tree, placed it in the "room" next to the sancturary, decorating it like only at "Lookout Mountain Tree" could look!

I remember seeing it as a HUGH TREE, resplendent in ornaments, tinsel, stars, and what seemed like an endless stream of Christmas lights, that illuminded all the church! Let me tell you, that N.Y. City, Radio City and all, did not hold a "candle" to what was before us! So many had given so much! Trees had been cut. Trees had been decorated! And, the best was yet to come! Singing! Santa! All came into play! I remember trying to remember what Joseph said in a little playlet that was performed! I remember seeing Baby Jesus, lying in a bed, in a manger, and seeing His mother, Mary, caring and adoring him! Whoever played Mary was Mary, indeed! Her face radiated the meaning of Christmas as never before portrayed! I watched. I wondered. To this this day, I watch. I still wonder. Yet, when I heard Shirley Brown's son, (name?), play "Silent Night," with a country inflection that only you and I know, did I know, that Christ was the King! That moment, that musical memory has stuck in my mind for all these years.

May Christmas, in all it's glory, stick in you mind...not only this year but for all the years to come!

P.S. If someone should ask you, "Are you special?" Say, "Yes, because many years ago, in a little town named Cedar Vale, you found what Christmas was all about!


Don Shaffer said...

Wish I hadn't made so many "typo's!" Just hope you will overlook those...and remember the "intent!"

Phil Foust said...

Well, DDS .. should anyone ask if (you) are special make sure you answer quite truthfully in the affirmative.

Pat Pate Molder said...

I don't remember Christmas programs at the Methodist church, but I remember well the Christmas programs we had at school and the various characters I played through the years and the beautiful singing by the students of all the Christmas Carols. THE TREE I remember the most is the one we had at my Granddad Akin's house in Hewns. In the Fall Granddad and I would go to the woods around Hewins to find THE TREE. We would go back in December to chop it down and take it to the house. My sister, Billy, my aunt, Lauveve Akin and I would string popcorn and cranberries and make garlands out of construction paper to decorate the tree. Thanks, Don, for resurrecting memories.