Monday, September 19, 2011

The Day the Jet Landed in Cedar Vale

I don't remember the exact year, but it was sometime around 1955 when a jet fighter plane landed near Cedar Vale. The plane was based in Wichita I believe, and was flying very high near Tulsa, OK when the engine quit. *If someone has better details please share them with us.

Although he could have landed safely in Tulsa, apparently he was ordered to "glide" to Wichita. He never made it that far and came down in a field just northwest of Cedar Vale. I don't believe the pilot was injured, but the plane had to be hauled away on a truck. It caused a bit of excitement at the time.

What other exciting stories are hiding out there?


Gary White said...

It must have been after I left CV, which was in the summer of 1955. I don't remember anything about it. How about others out there??

Tom Johnston said...

JD I am not sure what year it was, however I remember a Jet crashing north of cloverdale that was hauled away on a large truck. I want to say it was a B-47 but I could be wrong. I remember going up ther with some friends to look at the hole it created but they had guards all around the area and would not let you in the pasture.

Tom Johnston