Saturday, June 6, 2009

Veterans Memorial Park


To breath new life into the Veterans Park project, a civic committee has been formed. There are eight members; two from the City Council--Larry Robinette and Jerry Walker, two from the Chamber of Commerce--Bill and Debbie Wall, two from the Lions Club--Don Cox and Madison Holroyd, and two "at large" members--Bill Campbell from the American Legion and Oscar Mattocks. Two meetings have been held.

We will use a plan proposed by Jon Champlin while a student of Architecture at K-State. it is a six sided "plaza" encircled by a walkway. On one end will be five (or more) upright limestone tablets from 4.5' to 8' high. The center and tallest tablet will have the emblems of 5 branches of the military and an appropriate dedicatory statement. The other tablets will be inscribed with the names of Cedar Vale area residents who have served their country in any branch of the military. The floor of the plaza will be of brick. We have about 82 inscribed bricks and we will be trying to sell more to help offset the cost of this undertaking. Those who wish to purchase bricks should contact a committee member for details.

Four flagpoles have been donated by Folsom Construction and they will be installed to carry "Old Glory" and other service flags. The American Flag would be in the center of the plaza and would be illuminated--to fly day and night.

Bill Campbell has voluteered to form a crew to do the initial cement work and lay the plaza at no cost for labor. The materials will have to be purchased. Larry Robinette is investigating the availability of one or more artillery pieces to be placed in the Park. Jerry Walker will see Borne Limestone about tablets. Madison Holroyd has order forms for memorial bricks. Debbie Wall is the Sec/Treas of the committee and Don Cox is coordinator/chm.

The "Mural" wall on the NW side of the park must be renovated, stuccoed, and primed so that new scenes can be painted on it. The present owner of the building, Courtney Cowel, has expressed his support for the project and has offered to do the work. The cost of materials would have to be raised. The aim would be to have the wall art and murals reflect the memorial theme of the Park and honor the veterans.

Lets hope this Park will be a magnate, a place that people will want to see, to stroll through, to photograph, and perhaps sit down and have a picnic lunch. (yes it will be landscaped and maintained)

People of Cedar Vale, whether you live here or elsewhere, please help the project come to fruition by buying a brick or bricks and/or making an outright monetary gift. We have set up a bank account for the Veterans Park Committee under the umbrella of the C of C. (tax deductible)

Don Cox


Diane Archer Bradbury said...

Please add a form or something giving an address and other details to make it easy for people living away from Cedar Vale to send a contribution or buy a brick.

Diane Bradbury

DFCox said...

For more information, or forms to order bricks/make contributions contact His phone # is 620-758 2482

or My phone is 620-758 2453