Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot Weather

Has the hot weather slowed down the blogging, have not had a new one in two weeks.
I remember back in the 50's when we had a floor fan and left the doors and windows open. Then we got a water cooler. We could shut the windows and doors but we sure had a lot of humidity in the house. Then we went high tec and got a window air conditioner. It was amazing and I would set in front of it and let the cold air blow in my face. Now I could not survive without central air, my how times have changed.

I also remember going to the ice house with my dad and getting a block of ice. They would put it in a gunny sack and we would take it home and beat the sack with a sledge hammer, breaking the ice into small pieces. Then we would put it in the old hand crank ice cream freezer and crank and sweat until it was frozen, it took a lot of salt too. We would then throw a blanket over the freezer and let it set for a while. You don't get ice cream like that now.

Well everybody stay cool and if you have a freezer make some good old ice cream. Homemade peach is hard to beat.


Don Shaffer said...

Great memories, Rick! When hot weather hit our house, out came the "army" cots! Dad and I were the "brave" ones and we slept on the cots in our front yard. I remember looking up at the sky and seeing all those stars! And, there were noises I never knew existed! Nonetheless, sleep finally came, and in the morning, I would find myself with a cover over me, "to ward off the cold!"

Thought about my Dad a lot yesterday. Wish we could sleep on those old army cots once again, look up at the stars, and know that there was something far greater than man, or stars, or whatever else there is out there!

Thanks for "re-kindling" the memory, Rick! Poor choice of words, "re-kindling!" It was 100 degrees here in Lee's Summit today!

DFCox said...

I'm sure most of us got to crank those old White Mountain freezers. In our house we had a special ice pick that Dad would wield. It had 5 or 6 "picks" and would shave ice in small slivers off the face of the block. Our favorite flavor was "Grape Nut". It was grape nuts cereal frozen in with the ice cream and vanilla (from the bean) plus maple flavoring. Yum Yum!! and we kids got to lick the dasher.

Gary White said...

I'm getting hungry here in Spain, just reading your comments!