Sunday, September 14, 2008

This just in from Thayne Oltjen (known as T.D. to those of us who knew him as a kid). I'm taking the liberty of posting it since many of his old friends and buddies will want to know about his recent hospital stay.

I'm back after being rushed to the hospital Aug 3rd to Pulmonary ICU .. My lungs had filled up with Carbon Dioxide, being I can't breath very well.. I am told that I was very out of it for several days prior to the 3rd.. My breathing was very short and all I could do was speak in a whisper one or two words at a time. So on the 3rd I CRASHED and rushed to ICU, and I stayed there for 10 days hooked up one place or another. After some length of time,( I don't how long ) I kinda came around, I could see people through the walls and ceiling, parades , some kind of games, ?? , .. I am told I had a lot of visitors , But what did I know about it.. I was put in a Bi-Pap unit which blows oxygen and air into your lungs until it looks like your eyes Will pop out then it reverses and sucks all of it out,  then it dose it again and again . I had these treatments for 3 or 4 days. I do remember what a trip the last session was, I tried to pull the mask off, but I couldn't because IT WAS HOOKED BEHIND MY HEAD.Any way , starting to come around pretty good knowing  and what was going on around me. They also gave me 3 units of Oxygen Rich  Blood which helped a bunch , and having my Pacemaker  changed 10 units , this really got things to going..  On the 13th, I was released or transferred to Sandpiper Rehabilitation Center to get my strenght back.I was pretty weak after all of the things I had been through. Stayed there for 2 weeks or so , trying to get up and walk ,( as when I entered the Hospital ,I weighed 89 lbs.) So with their help, started waking a few steps at a time and the next day a few more, then  I could go by myself behind a wheelchair up and down the hall several times ,If I got tired I would set down for a while. Also lift weights for my arms and back. The people  They did a really great job for me. The food was really good. All I had to do was punch a button and someone would come right now to see what I needed or wanted, Wow what service.. Private room , I could watch traffic on 235 bi-pass.. or watch TV.
Anyway I was released to go home  September 5th, which is good to be home. I feel really great ,better than I have in the past few years and eating a whole lot better. Now to do more walking and weight lifting .Now I'm on 8 ltr Oxigen 24-7 full flow.  And takring more pills than ever ,,, BUT I'M STILL HERE !!! Thank GOD and all  of his helpers.  LIFE IS GREAT................................... THAYNE


wayne woodruff said...

I really admire T.D.'s joy of life and his will to live in spite of a lot of miserable problems. Maybe a lot of us would not have such a good attitude.???

Naomi said...

T.D. So sorry to hear of your hospital stay. What an experience. I don't think we value life near as much as we should,especially until the threat comes for us to lose it.
God give you strength, joy, and a very speedy recovery.

Naomi I Remer