Sunday, June 26, 2011

News from Wales

Hi CVers,

We have been traveling in Wales this month and were preparing to go back to Spain when an infection required surgery and a day in the local hospital. Now I am in full recovering mode and public health nurses come and dress the wound every day (all a part of the healthcare system here in Europe).

Thanks, Jay for reposting the comment below. I've not been able to get to the CV blog as often while traveling here. It seems that people do happen upon our CV blog from time to time, so it seems worthwhile to keep it going. If you like to check in here from time to time, make a comment or write a post. You old CV friends will appreciate it.


Jay D. Mills said...

I hope that you are fully recovered and back on the road again.

The only consistent comments that we get on the blog are un-printable spams. So again, the need to approve all comments and that takes time...sometimes a day or more depending upon my schedule or Gary's.

Comments and stories are always welcome.

Gary White said...

Thanks, Jay D. We are still in Wales, but it looks like I will be healed enough to return to Spain by the first of next week.