Monday, October 12, 2009

Cedar Vale Saturday Drawings

Remember when the Cedar Vale merchants had their drawings at 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays in the middle of main street. The local merchants and the chamber of commerce had a money fund and would give away money prizes. There was a large hopper and people would put their name in it. The merchants would usually get some kid to draw the names after they had spun the hopper really good. I think you had to be present to win. The prizes ranged from a few dollars to maybe $25 or $50 on special occasions.

Also around Thanksgiving time the merchants would get on top of the L C Adams building and throw off live turkeys and guineas and maybe ducks and chickens, I am not sure. People would stand in the street and try to catch them as they sailed down. Kids would run and chase them all over main street. The downtown street was crowded and it was a festive event.

Today, the animal rights people would have a fit if it was still practiced, but I never remember a fowel being injured, they could flap their wings and glide to the ground and many were caught in the air.

If anyone can add to my story please do so.

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Jim Robinson said...

Here in Cincinnati, WKRP dropped live turkeys from a helicopter, and they landed like bags of wet cement.
But the drawings in Cedar Vale were great, and the crowds were enormous.