Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Report from Reva

Reva Ramey Sawyer reports that Naomi (Grunden) Howell's mother passed away April 18th.  She was 93 yrs old. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family, Naomi.


Don Shaffer said...

Hello, Reva!

Don Shaffer said...

Reva! Before this, I had written a long dissertation! Hope I can remember part of what I wrote!!!

Obviously, I punched the wrong buttons! I told of how good it was to see your name! I told that I wasn't sure I knew Naomi! And, I told that my thoughts and prayers were with her!

Thanks for doing this for Naomi! You were always that kind of person! I remember going with my Mom and Dad to your folk's place, having such a great visit and dinner! We played some games! Don't remember what they were. I just remember that we had "fun!"

Olive and my mother had a special bond. They taught Sunday School classes from "here to eternity!" Remember the little room where they taught? Remember the little sand-box? Remember the little chairs and tables? In fact, everything was little! Whoa! Not so little was the learning that those young people learned! Wouldn't it be interesting to hear what their memories were of those "early child-hood" Sunday School?

I've gone on too long. Your parents, Olive and Rollin, were such an influential part of my life! Just know, that what they did caused each of us to be more than we thought we could be!

Love you, Reva! Maybe, someday, in some Sunday School class, we will meet, and discuss this thing called "life!"

Phil Foust said...

Very sorry, Naomi.

Anonymous said...

Reva thaks so much for your post about my Mother's death. I really appreciate your doing this, and want to thank everyone for their condolences!

I just got back home last night from being back in Coffeyville for the funeral.

Naomi Grunden Howell