Saturday, November 15, 2008

The latest from Lloyd Call

I first knew of Don Hankins when he was working a a pharmicist in the Matlock Drug Store. I do not know how long he had been there. Anyway-----

He took a carload of the class of '35 on their senior sneak to Ponca City. Mary Bess Chapel was one of them. There were 35 in the class and I drove my Dad's old Dodge. Harold Cable, and Howard Winchell who was in the front seat with me. Bonnie Dietz, Zelda Wilkinson, and maybe Ruth Littrell (Storer). Bonnie Dietz is living in Arizona (Ruth Storer and Zelda Wilkinson are in Sedan--the rest home dfc) I am the only boy still living.

Don Hankins and Mary Bess owned the Drug Store while I was in the Army, '42 to '45.

I think Dr Matlock had an office. The Chevrolet Garage was built while I was in High School--I think he had his office upstaires. I know the Stones Dental Offices were up there.


DFCox said...

I think it interesting that Lloyd's class went to Ponca, my class ('49) got all the way to Tulsa. Lately the classes go to the Grand Canyon, Washinton D.C.,
Six Flags and other upscale places.
If the recession deepens, they may cycle back to Ponca.

Pat Pate Molder said...

The Class of '46 went all the way to Tulsa, also. We attended a live radio show of either Bob Wills or Johnny Lee Wills. I don't remember which. Supposedly when they announced we were in the audience that was the first those in CV knew where we had gone. In my day the trip was called "Senior Sneak" and it was kept very quiet and we would "sneak" away early in the morning. Mildred Lemert was our sponsor.

wayne woodruff said...

The Class of '55 went to a resort on the Lake of the Ozarks. That was about as far from home as any of us had been at that time.

Phil Foust said...

Thanks for the interesting bit of history, Lloyd.