Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Costume Contest!

Once upon a time, on the stage in the CVHS Auditorium, a Halloween Costume Contest for students was held! The winner would be the one who could not be recognized! All across the stage, different "costumed" contestants presented themselves. One by one, the contestants were recognized, with much revelry and rivalry! Finally, only one remained. Guesses, loud and clear across the auditorium, were voiced. But, to no avail! No one could guess who "the final one" was! Finally, after much deliberation, the single-standing contestant was declared the winner! Shouts of "Who are you?," resounded throughout the auditorium. Slowly, deliberately, "the winner" removed a red handkerchief from his pocket. And, even more slowly, he began to remove "his face" down to the bare fact! As his "face" removal was about complete, it was then discovered that he had applied copious amounts cold cream to his face and on top of that had applied a generous layer of coffee grounds! We were laughing so hard we hardly recognized him when his "real face" finally appeared. You may remember him.
His name was Vern Wilkerson!!!!!!


Gary White said...

You are on a roll, Don! Keep 'em coming!

Phil Foust said...

Yep, DDS has really arrived ... way to go, Don!

Anonymous said...

One year, the day before Halloween, my class had evening rehearsal at the high school for a play. When we finished and as every one was leaving, someone came up with the idea of our going trick or Treat. We commenced going to different houses of people who some of the kids knew well. Some of the people were nice even though they were not real enthused about a bunch of big teen age kids coming to their door trick or treating the day before Halloween! Some people gave us a little something and some didn't. Then we knocked at the door of a trailer house. A man came to the door with his rifle and asked what we thought we were doing. When we told him, he went inside and then came out with a brown paper bag which he gave us. When we looked inside the bag, we found hard dried bread on which a lot of pepper had been sprinkled. This made the boys mad and one of the boys dared to sneak back to the trailer, open the door and throw the sack back in the trailer. I can tell you, we ran as fast as we could expecting to hear rifle shots!

Bea Howell said...

The above comment was from me. Bea Howell