Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Class of 1946

CVHS Class of '46
Top Row: Walter Ford, *Wanda Lee Hill, *Armena Doty, *Kenneth Lee Howe, Melba Maxine Duncan, Johnny Leroy Radcliff

Middle Row: Donald Lee Call, Basil Floyd Hindman, Patricia Jean Pate, *John Amos Bohannon (Jr), Wanda Roach

Front Row: Geraldine Joan Williams, Royal Preston Kennedy, D.Lois Miller, Betty Lou Pack, *Billy Bohannan, *Edward Oerke

*Deceased.......................Fine looking class says Pat Molder.

Thanks, Pat.


Phil Foust said...

A fine looking class ... indeed! Pat, the folks in your class were old enough to feel the real effects of the "great" depression and "the" war. No doubt these two quite major events greatly changed your lives.

Loyd P Call said...

Loyd P Call was here