Thursday, June 26, 2008

FYI Marilyn Wilkinson (Holroyd)

Marilyn is back in CV at present. I've had lunch with she and her husband last two days at the Peoples Place. She is doing very well considering. No speech problem, she walks pretty well (likes to have a cane handy), and does still have some laziness of the right arm. She says that the site of the CVA affected her short term memory to some extent. They will be returning to Washington--Seattle--and look forward to sitting a pair of granddaughters in July. An amazing comeback, at least in my mind.


Gary White said...

It was so good to hear the news about Marilyn. May her recovery continue.

Pat Pate Molder said...

So good to hear the news about Marilyn. I cherish the memories I have of Marilyn, her Mother and the entire Webb/Holroyd/Ward families. Maybe I need to share some of those memories.

Anonymous said...

Good, Pat. We need someone sharing something with the rest of us lazy dullards.