Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tom Fuller of Cedar Vale

Had  this  ready to post in Oct but did not get that done before complete Renal shutdown in Nov that put me in hosptal for 13 days and then my open heart surgery in Dec. That really stopped me in my tracks for several months!!

I am in hopes someone may remember Tom Fuller (1881 - 1960).

Tom is one of these 3 former Residents of Cedar Vale pictured here. Man on left, is Cal Lavely. I have posted about Cal previously. The man in the middle is George Thomas Fuller (Tom) and on the right is Tom's brother. His name is not on photo. I assume that he is younger brother Louis L Fuller (1875-1914).

Tom (1881-1960) and Louis are buried at Cedar Vale Cemetery along with their parents, Stephen A and Theresa Fuller.

Tom was husband of Goldie Hamrick and Zora "zoe" Ake McCaleb.He and Zora had a daughter, Susie Belle Fuller. With wife Goldie had 3 sons, Loyd, Leonard Hayes, and Harold Keith Fuller.

My cousin remembers meeting Tom at the Ford and Lavely family get-togethers in Cedar Vale during late 1950's, just before his death.  We are not related to Tom, he was close friend of the Lavely and Ford family.

Tom's father was born in England, his mother Theresa was born in NE. Besides Tom, their children were Isabella, William, Elsie, Susan Matilda, Lewis, Anna, Charles, and Louis.

Isabella and husband Michael Crouse are buried in Arkansas City. Elsie married Alfred A Bruce. Susan Matilda married Morris Wheeler. She died in Ok. I have no record of Anna after 1900. At that time she was living with Isabella and Michael and their 4 children in Cedar Vale.

The famiy evidently move to Cedar Vale in early 1900's as Stephen A Fuller died in 1908 in Cedar Vale.

If anyone knows of these people, would love to hear from you. Iris

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