Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Old Lumber Yard in Cedar Vale

Sue Shaff, via e-mail to Don Cox, asked what the blog readers (that's you) remember about the old lumber yard that was recently wiped off the spot where it sat for many decades. She thought it would be interesting to recount the history of the building.

Please tell us what you remember? How many different businesses operated there over the years?


Reva Sawyer said...

What happened to the lumber yard? Was it just torned down or what??

Don Shaffer said...

Hello, everyone! Just got on the new CV Memories webpage! Great job, J.D.! Gary, I'm sure you are in on it, too!

It was a jolt to hear about the lumber yard. My Dad, Clyde Shaffer, was manager of the yard for many years. I spent many memorable moments at the yard, first playing among the rafters, riding wild, stick horses through the sand, hide and seek in the roofing shed.... and then, coming home in the summer from college, pulling weeds between the tiles! My Dad was a great teacher! Never get too big for your britches to prevent me from "real work," regardless of form! I'm going to stop there. Seems my eyes/glasses are misting over. No rain in sight. Must be something else. Check with you later!!!!!